Sandy Loam Top Dressing


Soil, sand, organics and nitro-humus

Sandy Loam Top Dressing



Sandy Loam Top Dressing is good for filling ruts and holes in the lawn.

Creates a firm sub base in sandy soils.

Increases water holding capacity.

Available pick up from Lumpy’s yard in your trailer or enquire about our complimentary (for 2 hours) loan trailer.

Delivery can also be arranged for a fee – Tuncurry area $30, Forster area $35, Diamond Beach/Cape Hawk areas $40.  Refer to delivery page for more detailed information.  Truck capacity 3.5 m3.

$130 cubic mete (m3)

(1/2 $70m3; 1/4 m3 $35; 1/3 m3 $50; 2/3 m3 $95; 3/4 m3 $100)